The proposal offered delivers on all facets of the brief. It is a building that will not only celebrate the preceding 45 years that Shuter has traded, but also the future of Shuter into the next 45 years and beyond. This building generously offers and delivers consideration for all people. The elegance and implied appearance of the building touching the earth lightly, and real impact environmentally offered by the carbon neutral solution, in combination with unique structural and aesthetic quality, will project this building, and by association Shuter, into international prominence as both a landmark building and company.



Location Tainan

Types Competition, Institutional

Site Area 5,159 sqm

GFA 90,000 sqm

Client Tainan City Government

Collaboration Williamson Architects (Brisbane) + TCT Architectural Resources (Taiwan) + Read Jones Christoffersen (Canada)



The macro economic impact is increased sales to an expanding market with an appetite for cleaner, greener and cost effective product and service. This macro response is achieved through the implementation micro economic strategy. The lighter, brighter and greener work environment invigorates and makes for a happier, healthier, safer and more stable and productive workforce. Better productivity turns into improved profit. The design of the building allows for increase internal flexibility and therefore greater and quicker response time to changes in process brought about be technological, statutory and market forces. A carbon neutral building solution has immediate and real advantage relative to servicing and running costs. Lighting, ventilation, water usage are all considered and integral to the carbon neutral solution and ultimately impact on profit.

With a carbon neutral solution firmly in our sights, we embarked on a proposal with our inspiration taken from the banyan tree, set in Taiwanese culture, the spiritual and organic source of life; the tree of life. The organic form constituting the main structure of the proposal draws heavily from the structure of a banyan tree.

The implied and effected strength of the structure juxtaposed to the lightness of the cladding introduces to both the immediate workforce and neighboring community a new concept and approach to housing a manufacturing process. Most manufacturing is normally associated with oppressive darkness, heaviness, and inhospitable internal and external space, low regard for the workers and less for the neighboring community. The translucency of the external skin allows for a voyeuristic connectivity with the public while simultaneously maintaining connectivity to the outside world for the workers within. Openness, lightness and greenery are all present and in balance providing a more desirable and arguably healthier work environment.


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